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Reading / Near Vision Correction

For Anyone Sick of Keeping Up with Reading Glasses or Bifocals:

You Can Have Crisp, Clear Reading Vision Once Again with the San Antonio Reading Vision Correction Team at NuVision

The Big Question: Why did you lose your reading vision in the first place?

As you age, blurry near vision is one of the first challenges to sneak up on you. First, you begin to hold a menu just a little further away to read it clearly. Before long, you realize your arm isn’t long enough anymore, and it’s time to do the thing you never thought you would have to do: buy a 5-pack of reading glasses from Target or Costco.

Reading Book at Arms Length

But what’s the actual problem? Are your eyes just “getting old”? In a way, yes, that’s what’s happening. You’re experiencing a condition called “Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome,” or DLS. This condition affects the lens within your eye.

What is Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome?

When you’re young, the lens of your eye is soft and flexible. Which is important, because the lens needs to flex so you can “zoom in” and focus on objects up close.

But as we age, the lens in our eye starts to lose flexibility, and the muscles around the lens begin to weaken. The result – the lens of your eye can no longer flex enough to give you the zoom vision you need to see up close. Another term for this is presbyopia. You start holding objects further away from you, and eventually… it’s time to buy the reading glasses.

Is Treatment Available for Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome?

Historically, people have had to adapt to DLS by using reading glasses or getting bifocals or even trifocals! However, NuVision offers several advanced treatment options to help DLS patients regain their near vision.

One of the most popular treatments is called Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE), or lens replacement. During the RLE procedure, your surgeon replaces your eye’s dysfunctional lens with a medical-grade, bio-compatible lens to achieve sharper focus. This reduces or eliminates the need for readers or bifocals for most daily activities and hobbies.

Refractive Lens Exchange benefits include:

  • Effectively corrects bad reading vision, even in extreme cases
  • Multifocal lens technology allows you to see both near and far with the same eye
  • A permanent replacement for your dysfunctional natural lens, designed to last the rest of your life
  • Prevents cataracts

Wait… Prevents Cataracts?

That’s no exaggeration. A cataract is the clouding of the eye’s natural lens. Anyone who lives to be wise enough will get cataracts. It’s a normal process of aging. Since Refractive Lens Exchange removes the eye’s natural lens and replaces it with a new lens, this prevents a cataract from ever forming.

Some patients describe Refractive Lens Exchange as “reversing the aging process” for their eyes. (If only we could do this with the rest of our bodies!)

To find out more about Refractive Lens Exchange, click here.

Wait… You’re saying this is the only vision correction procedure I would need for the rest of my life?

Also, no exaggeration here. When patients start to experience Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome, typically mid 40s, it is VERY common for their prescription at the eye doctor to change every year. Why? Every year the lens gets harder, thus changing the prescription of the eye. When you remove this dysfunctional lens, the prescription stops changing and you will be left with NuVision at distance and near and no more reading glasses.

Blended Vision LASIK – A Popular Reading Vision Restoration Treatment

A standard LASIK procedure may not be ideal for someone experiencing presbyopia. This is why our surgeons perform a specialized LASIK technique known as Blended Vision LASIK to help individuals regain their reading vision.

Unlike Refractive Lens Exchange, Blended Vision LASIK does not prevent cataracts. But many patients are able to enjoy 10, 15 even 20 years of improved reading vision through Blended Vision LASIK before they need a cataract treatment.

Another Treatment for Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome is the Corneal Inlay for Near Vision Correction

The Corneal Inlay is one of the FDA-approved technologies that has helped people all over the world get rid of reading glasses. The Corneal Inlay treatment was created specifically to address presbyopia. It restores your near vision and allows you to read again without losing your distance vision.

Dr. Parkhurst is the first surgeon to bring this advanced technology to San Antonio! He has performed corneal inlay treatments for more than 7 years, some of which have been in clinical trials with the FDA during that time. He is recognized as a subject matter expert in presbyopia treatments and corneal inlays, having presented on the procedures worldwide and written several industry articles about the various technologies to help people see better up close.

How Does the Corneal Inlay Work?

The corneal inlay sits in the first few layers of the eye known as the cornea. Smaller and thinner than a contact lens, this advanced technology corneal inlay is a mini-ring with an opening in the center. By using this pinhole effect, the inlay focuses light coming into your eye. This restores near vision while maintaining your distance vision. This is an in-office procedure and is generally performed on one eye. It takes about 15 minutes and most people can read better within a day.

With the corneal inlay, you are able to see up close again. Read text messages, a computer screen, or the time on your watch, without reading glasses.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Reading Vision Restoration Treatment?

NuVision offers a Reading Vision Restoration Consultation. We first use a series of eye scans to determine if you’re a candidate for reading vision correction, and we will discuss with you how it could improve your vision. One of these advanced treatment options may be ideal for anyone who wants to reduce their dependence on reading glasses, and who meet all medical criteria.

To book your Reading Vision Restoration Consultation, request an appointment online, or call (210) 851-9587. We look forward to serving you!