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LASIK Eye Surgery

Why Do People Have LASIK Eye Surgery Performed?

There are Numerous Benefits of Advanced LASIK Vision Correction:

Excellent vision results, even for those with the most demanding visual jobs and hobbies

Our procedures surpass patients’ expectations with better than 20/20 vision in a majority of cases. Advanced Vision Correction at our San Antonio, Texas office can eliminate or reduce our patientsā€™ reliance on glasses and contacts allowing them to once again enjoy their lives with crisp and clear vision.

Enjoy activities you love without the inconvenience of glasses and contacts

Advanced Vision Correction at Parkhurst-NuVision is performed by Board Certified Surgeon and San Antonio LASIK specialist, Dr. Greg Parkhurst, who uses one of the safest and most precise vision correction treatments, All-Laser Blade-Free Allegretto Wavefront Optimized LASIK with IntraLASEĀ®. This procedure permanently reshapes the cornea so that light is able to focus properly on the retina providing clear unaided vision. After the procedure, patients notice immediate improvements in their vision, reducing dependence on glasses and contacts so they can focus on the most important things in life.

Very few appointments necessary from the start of the process to the completion of Advanced Vision Correction

Our goal is to surpass expectations–with limited downtime–getting you back to work and play within hours.

Enjoy your new vision from the moment you wake up and see the alarm clock in the morning to the time you go to sleep

Experience clear crisp vision and wake up every day fresh and ready for a world of better NuVision! Imagine yourself waking up and able to see your clock!

Now a more affordable option than the recurring costs of glasses and contacts, financing options means Advanced Custom LASIK is available to everyone who needs it

Great technology and superior results from a Board Certified Surgeon Dr. Greg Parkhurst now available to you! Financing available for those that qualify!

Making the decision to have vision correction surgery is a big one. Every person considering the procedure is encouraged to investigate fully all of the potential advantages, disadvantages, benefits, and risks with a qualified and licensed physician. We have trained professionals on staff, willing, able, and happy to answer any of your questions.

Simply call 210-851-9587 or complete our web form to have someone from our office contact you today. If you feel you are not a candidate for LASIK eye surgery we have other vision correction options including the new Visian ICL. Contact our San Antonio Visian ICL specialist anytime for a consultation.